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Build and grow your audience on social

Scale your marketing reach by directly engaging your employees, partners, and influencers.

Supported Networks and Tools
Facebook Messenger
Microsoft Teams

Social Media Publishing

Automate a month's worth of posts in minutes

Social Media Content Publishing Planner

Tag-driven publishing schedules

Our tag-driven content scheduler can help you establish a bottomless content queue and recycle your evergreen content automatically.

Tailor content to each network

Write one post, then quickly tailor the content for each network. Preview how the post will appear on every platform as you adjust the length, media, and hashtags in seconds.

Never lose stored content

Don’t let your past creative genius get buried in the depths of your social media profiles. Any content you create is safely stored for you to view, edit, and re-use whenever you’d like.

Manage content at scale

Managing a growing content library can be time-consuming; that's why we built advanced content filters in every view. Even your oldest content is never more than a few clicks away.

Social Media Engagement

Make Social Media a Two-Way Conversation

Stay on top of conversations happening across multiple profiles and networks. Respond to comments, messages, and mentions from a single view.

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Unified Inbox

Get every social media message in real-time. Keep them all organized in a single unified inbox with full visibility for the entire team.

Team Collaboration

Assign conversations to the right people on your team. Keep notes and see historical data for an improved customer experience.

User-generated Content

Find and share top-performing content for any topic across networks.

Social Monitoring

Monitor any public brand, keyword, or mention and filter posts by sentiment and level of engagement.

Employee Advocacy

Extend your reach through employee advocacy

Increase sales and boost marketing efforts while attracting and retaining talent.

Share from Slack and Teams

Enable your advocates to share and engage with your content directly from Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email. No hoops to jump through, single-click actions.

Extend your reach

By using advocates, you'll connect with a set users you can't otherwise reach. And you'll reach them with higher trust than with direct marketing.

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