Boost LinkedIn employee engagement via Slack

Supercharge your company's LinkedIn presence by empowering employee advocacy directly through Slack. Promote content sharing, likes, and comments, all from within your team's favorite messaging tool!

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Employee advocacy is all about empowering your employees to share smart, quality content through their social...

What is Employee Advocacy and Why Should You Care?

Level up your employee advocacy program with SocialWeaver and Slack

Content amplification

Distribute both existing and newly-created LinkedIn content to your employees via Slack for increased engagement.

Increase engagement

Empower your employees and advocates to share, like, and comment on your LinkedIn content, all directly from within Slack.

Thought leadership

Build your thought leadership dream team! Deliver tailored content for viewing and sharing on LinkedIn, directly via Slack.

Extend your reach

Leverage employees and advocates to reach untapped users, fostering more trust than direct marketing.

Analytics and gamification

Create competition amongst your team and measure your campaigns' ROI and effectiveness.

Content scheduling

Save time by scheduling a month's worth of content sharing and amplification in minutes.
About Slack
Slack revolutionizes team communication, offering a faster, more organized, and secure alternative to traditional emails. Connect with your team like never before, fostering collaboration and productivity.

Free and paid plans available.

Unleash frictionless advocacy with Slack

Provide seamless advocacy for your team. No extra logins or tools to learn, just effortless integration for all your advocacy needs.

Kickstart your advocacy program with ease

With our straightforward onboarding process, it's never been simpler to invite employees and advocates to join your initiative. Begin the journey towards greater engagement and broader reach effortlessly.

Invite your employees and other advocates

Use your invite link on the employees page under your account settings to invite your employees, partners, and influencers to become advocates. Advocates connect their LinkedIn accounts using the official LinkedIn API.

Distribute your content

No matter how or where you create your content — be it through SocialWeaver, directly on LinkedIn, or any other tool — you can easily distribute it to all or select segments of your employees and advocates on Slack for engagement.

Analyze impact

Keep a finger on the pulse of your advocacy program using our analytics dashboard. With our interactive and customizable widgets, you can easily track progress, refine strategies based on ROI, and optimize engagement to drive success.

Speak with an Employee Advocacy Specialist

Explore how our Slack-integrated platform can elevate your marketing reach. Leverage the potential of your employees for direct, impactful engagement right from within their favorite messaging tool.

Here's what you can expect

  • A brief conversation about your social media strategy and employee advocacy goals and what we can do to help you achieve them.
  • Live product demo tailored to your goals.
  • No commitment required.