Extend your social reach through employee advocacy

Everyone in your network can be a powerful advocate for your brand. Scale your marketing reach by directly engaging your employees, partners, and influencers.

Fully featured 14-day trial. No credit card required.

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Publish content on the go with the SocialWeaver mobile app.


Give your sales a boost

Arm your sales team with content tools to shorten sales cycles and close more deals.

Meet buyers where they are

75% of B2B buyers turn to social media to inform purchasing decisionsview report. Ensure your sales team is there waiting with informative content.

Close even more deals

People tend to trust peers more than brands — which is why leads generated through social media are 7x more likely to closeview report.


Maximize your marketing team

Turn your network into brand ambassadors and get more from every piece of branded content.

Create authentic engagement

Peer-to-peer interaction creates authenticity for your branded content because it’s coming from a trusted source — your people.

Turn their reach into your reach

Why stop at posting on your brand pages? With our advocacy tool, your network can increase your reach by up to 561%view report.


Attract the best talent

Your network can be your most powerful recruiter through simple interactions with your brand content.

Stop hunting and start attracting

Put brand content in front of prospective talent through your networks’ engagement and increase your chances of attracting top talent by 58%view report.

Engage to retain

Give your employees the podium and help them create a professional brand for themselves, increasing your chances of retaining them by more than 20%view report.
Getting started is simple

Invite your advocates

Invite your employees, partners, and influencers to become advocates. No software to install.

Connect to LinkedIn

Advocates connect their LinkedIn accounts using the official API. No sharing credentials.

Distribute strategic content

Select which advocates you'd like to push the content to when you compose or schedule your content.

Watch advocates engage

When your content is published, your predefined advocate group will get your content on their chosen collaboration tool to reshare, comment, or like.